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9394 Merchandise


Our product line represents part of our message....keep it fun and simple and everything will work out fine.  We always had a vision to make cool stuff that serves a dual roll.  Call it fashion with a purpose.  We are not totally there yet but items like our belt buckle bottle opener is just the beginning of what just might come someday.  Until then, enjoy our line of basic lifestyle products.  It will serve the roll of clothing you while you become our walking billboard.   If anything, our clothing line will help you strike up a conversation as we guarentee that people will be asking you, "What Is 9394?"  It might even get you laid.


9394 Merchandise

Our product line is simple and to the point...much like our mission statement.  We always had the vision to one day create a line that would serve the role of not just clothing you, but to do more.  Call it Fashion with a Purpose.  We are a ways away from reaching our goal but perhaps our Belt Buckle Bottle Opener is a small glimpe of what could one day be.   So while we have a basic line of your every day lifestyle wear, know that for now we are clothing you which makes you our walking billboard.   For this we thank you.  One thing we guarentee our line will do is help you start up a conversation because when you wear our gear, people from all over will be coming up asking, "What is 9394?"  Feel free to tell them what ever you want.  It just might even help you get laid one night.   

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