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Legend has it, three wise men were sitting around a case of beer somewhere in hills of Vermont talking about the downfall of snowboarding.  How, at that point in time, it had  succumbed to corporate greed and thrived for the national spotlight,  going against everything their pioneer heros had struggled to preserve.   It was at that point that they asked the question, "What was the last great season of snowboarding? The season before it all changed and took a turn for the worse?"  It was then that they all agreed that it was the 93/94 season that truly signified the last days when you went out to shred for yourself and not your sponsors.  Where you went out and rode just for the pure stoke of it, whether it be on back yard hill or the top of Bromley with your best buds, holding and drinking a Bud.  A time when the party came first and contest was a distant second, and style was defined by straight airs, smooth spins and handplants....not by the amount of corked rotations you could do.   Simply put 9394 defines the purity and soul  of snowboardng and in any sport for that matter.


So the three wise men set out to bring that spirit back into snowboarding, spredding their word  and building their army.   Their goal was to take back what the man stole from them, and they did just that.  Mountains all up and down the the North East felt their pressence as their legion of riders stomped their way through snowboard parks, urban terrain and pow fields, bringing back a sense of style and comraderie.   They were a band of brothers that simply put, had some of the greatest times of their lives spreading the word of 9394.


9394 also has a broader meaning.  It symbolizes the best times in one’s life, and reliving that feeling you got when it happened every day forward. It’s that simple! Your 9394 moment may not have happened in the 1993 / 1994 season and thats OK. Your 9394 moment could have been last year or even last night.  Perhaps it hasn't haen yet, but when it does, hold it, capture it and make it last forever.


But 9394 isn't just soley snowboarding.  Every action sport has had their 9394 moment at one point in time and that is why we consider ourselves a lifestyle brand for the Action Sports.  Our product line is really just a way to start a movement among the people who really get it and who want to get the word out.  We hope our line  and message inspires people to enjoy everyday just like the one that made them the happiest in the past.   We hope our line encourages people to do something good for one another and help raise money for great causes.  Life is too short to not have as much fun as you possibly can.   And hopefully  by remembering the times that made you the happiest, it will motivate you to go out and try to recapture that feeling time and time again.


9394. Bringing you the past ahead of time


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